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    5. Enterprise Values
      • Business philosophy

        Focus on the field of medical devices.
        Become a well-known medical device enterprise with good enterprise image and good
        brand reputation in the industry.
        Make the company’s products the leader in the international market.
        Provide high quality and reliable devices to the patients.

      • Missions
        To create wealth, to return the society, to service our staffs.,Dedicate to human health career.
      • Prospect
        Take domestic-foreign market as orientation.
        Take product development and technology as support.
        Strictly control quality, and promote scientific management.
        Devoting to become one of the world's leading medical devices enterprises.
      • Quality policy
        Strict manufacturing process. Improve products quality.
        Continue to meet the changing needs of customers.
        Keep high quality products and quality service as priority.
        This is the social responsibility of all Well Lead staff.
      • HR concept
        People-oriented. Respect Science. Respect Talent. Develop Together
      • Company spirit
        Rigorous: Be careful and meticulous. With High sense of responsibility. Attention to detail.
        Harmony: Teamwork. Active participation. Benign competition.
        Motivated: Continuously improvement. Achievement-oriented. Pursuit of excellence.
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