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    5. Company Profile

      Well Lead Medical Co., Ltd

      Well Lead Medical Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. The headquarter and production & R&D center are located in Panyu district, Guangzhou city, near the beautiful Lian Hua Shan senery. The company is mainly specialized in research, production, and sales of medical catheters in anaesthesia, urology, respiratory and hemodialysis region. The products were widely used in hospitcal, in division operation, tharapy, emergency and clinical care.
      Well Lead Medical is one of the main medical catheter suppliers in the world. The manufacturing and sales of Endotracheal Tube and Foley Catheter are in the top position in domestic and in the world. Well Lead had set up business relationship with hundreds of medical device distributors all over the world and a lot of domestic exporters. The products already sold to North America, Europe, Japan which have big market share and more strict requirements. In domestic market, the products already sold to all over the country and used in over 300 First Class Top Level hospitals. 
      Now Well Lead already have 15 products registered in FDA (510K), 74 products CE certified, 84 products registered in China ( 4 products in class III, 73 products in class II, 7  products in class I by listing) and 21 products registered in Canada.
      On Aug. 8, 2011, the company change its property and change the name to Well Lead Medical Co., Ltd. Now the company have 3 subsidiaries, including; Well Lead Trading Co., Ltd., Zhangjiaguang Shagong Medical Device Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hainan Well Lead Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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